Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pop Placebo and Crow Warning...

There is nothing more unnerving than finding trash in the window wells.
While the two culprits were jumping on the tramp on one of the winding down summer mornings and  I stumbled upon this scene.
Hose in hand and half aware that not one hydrangea blossomed all summer I implored:
what is this??
Soaked in their T-shirts and shorts, Soggy socks thrown off somewhere in the yard they came to a halt.
J. played quiet and shrugged as if he had x-ray vision of what I was pointing to.
But lucky for him,
His scout honest friend piped up confidently: "We were getting high on caffeine!"

You guys realize 7-up has no caffeine and two of your cokes are caff. free??
"Yeah, we realized that after awhile then we moved onto the real stuff," his buddy confessed.
You should have seen us- we were bouncing all over the place from all that pop! "
You guys are right now. What's the difference?
They shrugged and continued to narrowly escape falling off the tramp, break an arm,
doing wild flips on the slick surface, tempting torn ligaments
and life long neck injuries and hootin' n hollerin' like crazy....

Changing gears, there has been a lot going on! I have some stories to whip together like
a home-made pie and share it with you.
Hopefullly, I can get to some of them and include the horrifying addition to
the Crow Story.
Which I thought was over.
I didn't know if I told you that three pine trees house a few of these murderers in our neighbor's yard. Which is right next to OUR yard. A sure sign the story would progress through our time here.
And do you Recall that post a few weeks back about the
scientific research I found on crows remembering your face and holding grudges?
Well, either these fellas were listening in to the information I'd been telling my fam, reading my blog, or
 plain out playing a prank on me because of what I did to them 5 summers ago!
(below is "Bird's Barbie" I am contemplating this for Halloween. It gives me the shivers to see those
dang birds on such a classy tailored outfit I'd love to go to work in. Instead of running from Crows while wearing heels. But who would know Tippie Hedren? And the only person that can get tailored  threads from high end fashion seamstress quenns are Kate Middleton and her mother-in-law ish.)
At first it was their feathers that were freaking me out as I'd walk over to water
my neighbor's flowers. Sticking up out of the grass like little black planted flowers.
If I watered at night, I'd book it over there and back in my bare feet like I was a kid turning off the light and needing to run at light speed to reach my bed before a hand reached for my ankles!
But the dozen feathers each day wasn't enough vengeance I suppose because one day I walked outside to water during the DAY and found
 an entire WING on the ground.
I can't go on.
The throw up mechanisms are starting in me.
Tomorrow I will bring myself to upload the pics I took of the horrendous outcome
from "The Parliament. "

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