Friday, August 10, 2012

A Trellis Success and The Mamabilly


Remember what we had to look forward to with the A Trellis??

All the success from such a confined space and yet we'd have a bounty of

produce creeping up the well made piece of smartness.

I'm afraid to even post a pic. of how well it's doing
for fear of
farmer's markets calling me and


to start bringing in my produce.
But I promised to document the "experiment".
Here ya go:

(No Trellis' were harmed in the shooting of this picture.... ahem,  Padre.) 

And what is far funnier is the state I am in- If I were to turn the cam on me it would
show the mamabilly.

What is a mamabilly? She is wearing socks that she wore to mop the floors
that, still somewhat soggy, were stuck proudly
into her gardening shoes.

You know- the ones that are for keeping your feet DRY.

The clothing isn't what makes the Mamabilly, necessarily.
It's the hair madness with a bandana square-knotted at the top, so as to soak up all that
predni-zonal withdrawel sweat.

Gone with the Wind
frazzled brained, bandanad head because of that Georgian mugginess makin' its way all the way up
to Idaho. 

And don't forget to add the
the attitude (see Scarlett above)  while doing all these things, while hot and, well, a lot to do.
Oh, and you can't forget the
old radio in the bathroom playing country music; letting it waft through the rooms
like a kid wanders in the summertime from friend to friends. 

That's Mamabilly.

See- even J. was trying to get away from me.

My sunflowers were even ignoring me.

Oh, wait. That mama has to take her kid to practice and the kid has to hope no one makes
the connection.

But there is not doubt when ya holler his name from your lawn chair and debate going out there and showinghim how to tackle.


However I repeated: "I will NOT be rude after Rodeos. I will not be rude after Rodeos."
Several times to myself to ensure that I don't stoop too low and
start getting Rodeo Rage.

When I took J. to practice,
I did flip the knot to the underside of my head and replace the gardening shoes for flip flops.
 I don't know if this had much affect on J.
If it made me look more Euro-American/Beckham thing. He had his helmet on and I was in
his blindside so I'm sure he didn't notice.

Do you turn into a Mamabilly on mopping day?
Or is it turning into everyday?

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