Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Crows KNOW!

I hate crows. But I so would wear these platforms from, Irregular Choice, if I were ten years younger despite my feelings. Because they are called Black Bird.

I even didn't care for this post. But it is the only one ready to be given the gate.

Once an injured one was stuck in our garage, caught in an old basketball net. Thinking it was a cat or something, I just left it til Padre got home.
So I sat up a lawn chair out back and started reading a book.

A black object caught my periphereal vision and I looked up to see a crow hopping about 4 feet from me.

Yes, I screamed.
Which sent him away a bit but he didn't seem to fear me. So I grabbed a broom to shoo him away.

The events that happened next were along the Alfred Hitchcock variety.
Crows from all over started to appear and scold me- or it. They lined up on two separate power lines outling our yard.

Some started to dive bomb at me. I swatted with the broom then beat it inside. The crows stayed and were just bawling out this poor cousin of their's.

Well, I found out they are scavengers and will eat their own if it's hurt. Which I thought was cruel. 

But yesterday I learned a new term and some NEW info on these evil black devils!

1. When there is a bunch of them gathered like that day with me in the yard- it's called a murder of Crows.

2. When my madre informed me of this and that she learned that they memorize faces and NEVER forget.

nu-uh! I told her in disbelief.

Then I googled it. Some scientists did a test and would you believe it's true. They bring in their pals and then talk to them about how dirty you were being to them. AND they can somehow tell OTHER crows the news about you.

These scientists used masks, marked crows they'd harrassed, and even drove a mile out of town and were "attacked" by unmarked crows. Not just the scolding. But the dive bombing.



They watch us interact with each other, make tools for getting their food. And other disturbing hobbies.

I learned they can be called The Parliament in conjunction to their "Murder of Crows" because when they all group together, they discuss which guy to kill. And usually 3 main Crows are in charge of the decision making!!!!! (This was first documented in the 15th century apparently. When they had time to observe these guys in big vast fields over in England or something.

Don't even LOOK at these guys wrong!

And P.S. that little bird ended up hiding in my rhubarb and scared me one day while weeding. I quickly got him out of our yard and into some trees out front. The screams ensued and I went in the house.

I dunno if they have my number but I thought I better warn you before they get YOURS!

Thank you, Alfred. You tried to give us a heads up.

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