Friday, August 3, 2012

AMBUSH-ed by a sweet Lady!

To get the story out of her, I've had to pepper my mom with questions from this guided journal; written and drawn by the talented artist, author, blogger- Susan Branch!
Whom I adore!

So I've asked Mom about her memories as she's sewn minky baby blankets, made calls to her siblings to get different perspectives. Serious investigation from the long paged, hand typed genealogy books that past family members have  put together to find the story.


Jaden has observed some of the interoggation sessions and surmised this impression:

"It sounds like Susan Branch is trying to ambush us. Why is she asking all these questions??" Jaden stated.

Why would you think that? We aren't sending the book back to her!

Susan Branch is not an international spy. The delightful journals are just a taste of what she brings to her blog. ( She just finished her trip to England where she gathered plenty of inspiration that keeps me coming back to her site just to day dream.

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