Thursday, January 20, 2011

Name that Cure

(Dan Akroyd and Chevy Chase in Spies like Us)

I love the part in this movie when the pair are pretending to be Doctors. Shaking each doctor's hand, they introduce themselves to several of the specialists and doctors in the tent.

"Doctor." shake, nod.

"Doctor." in reply as he,too, shakes and nods. Doctor.... Doctor.... Doctor....

After repeating this with each foreign Dr. they commence to do a surgery. They of course are NOT Doctors. When I get talking to several of my Doctors within a short time period. This scene from the movie always comes to my mind.

When I am exhausted,after trying to relay information from the Dr. in Utah, to the Dr. in Idaho who might have to contact another Dr. across town for whatever reason, makes me stop and laugh about the circle that I am going in trying to accomplish getting healthy.

J offered to come up with a cure for my disease to alleviate this sort of chasing around. I was impressed with his desire. I was really impressed when he told me what he would call it:

Al- fa -Med -iss

Laughing I asked:

"Do you know what Alpha means?"

"Nah, I just started with the beginning of Albuterol (an asthma med) and then added the rest." the little Dr. replied with a smile.

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