Wednesday, January 19, 2011


The other day, J's team narrowly missed getting schooled by a girl team. They could pass, rebound, and set picks like you wouldn't believe.

They were executing plays like an NBA league. Using our boys as a warm up for later domination. By pure luck the buzzer blared with us a couple points ahead.

That was close.

Sweating and thoroughly beat, J came to me and some other parents. His fellow teammate was expressing the clearly equal opponent they had just "conquered".

"Yeah, those girls are really flexible!" J said wiping sweat from his forhead with his wristband. .......!(me stymied and unable to utter a word but a tried to stifle a laugh that was close on its heels.)

I didn't notice them stretching before the game. And I need to clarify what he meant by flexible in that context. All we could do was chuckle and breathe a sigh of relief we still had our hides after such a game.

However, J could be more right than we realized. Girls are able to multitask. Like play basketball against cute boys and not let it mess with their game.

Driving across town to our house, he sat daydreaming in the back seat, looking out the window.

"Mom, she was cute." he said referring to a girl that he was supposed to be guarding like glue.

On, no. An Achilles heel. Or an excuse. - I doubt he was that shy of her that he went ahead and kept as far away from her as possible or that he was being a gentleman by letting her have the right away- right to the basket.

"Son, those girls were GOOD at basketball. Whether they are cute or not. Makes no difference. You play against them like you would ANY other boy, er, kid. (How else are we gonna get better?)

Instead of game footage, I am gonna have to teach J about some Greek methology. Go over Riordan's Lightning Thief book with him again. Now that we have some real life examples to draw from, he might understand how it was real hard for those Greeks to resist looking at a woman, who could turn a kid to stone, despite her hair crawling with Snakes.

I am hoping for a two in one lesson with this activity. But I imagine I will have to go OVER and OVER this concept clear into his HS years.

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