Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dough Guts and Dye- Its

With all the trips to Donut Shops to suffice the grandkids along with yummy treats from the neighbors, and indulging ourselves on a daily basis over the holidays, I implemented the post holiday, healthy eating rebound.

(Basketball season has a way of doing that to you.)

I was hoping breakfast this morning wasn't too obviously healthy and that J would eat it. Instead of cold cereal, I cut up half a banana, opened a yogurt and scrambled egg whites.

J came upstairs, sat down with and, with one sock on,  started eating. With him corralled in a captain's chair, I wetted my hand under the faucet and tried to drench his rooster tail. Muttering something like: "I love your strawberry blond hair." And under my breath (I HATE calics! sp?{)

"I want to dye it like B.Bee's." he said in a real casual, non-chalant way.

Thinking that he had caught onto the healthy breakie (breakfast) and we should diet avoid by cutting most meats I asked:

"What on earth for?" The guilt all mother's feel routinely, washing over me and hoping he didn't get a body complex due to me by changing the eating routine for both of our sakes I heard him continue:

"Really dark and then a stripe of white."

Relieved, I sank next to him up to the table and asked:

"Who does that with their hair?" my face screwed up into a question mark; the typical, 'Mother Knows Best' look and thinking someone at school had his hair like that.

"B. Bee." he said stating the obvious.

"BESIDES her?" As I recealled the thick chunk of white high light next to her dark hair.

"Lots of people, Mom." he sighed. Then looked down at his plate and asked:" Why aren't these scrambled eggs yellow?"

ME: "They are just the egg whites."

 J:"Could you at least put food coloring on them?"

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