Friday, January 14, 2011

Cowboy Boots For Valentine's Day

Living at home provides me with ample writing material. Today, youngest yet tallest sibling, came home with today's post. Is V-Day for men or women? Or both? And can an older man successfully ask out a way younger girl at the Tanning Salon?

First of all, I need to add the disclaimer: sometimes spring/winter relationships do work out. A guy leaving a Post-It note stating his height, age, type of car he drives and amount of children, to entice her to want to go out- is a chance that some men are willing to make. So the girl can at least make an informed decision about dating someone twice her age.

It is totally viable to believe that he would want to stick around after she'd entered and talk it up with the receptionist until she had finished tanning.

After her not exiting in adequate time, he borrowed the receptionists sticky pad, and left his stats. To his good fortune, she exited and he could TALK to her!

Well, listen to her talk to the receptionist anyway. Somehow the conversation turned to Valentine's Day. B. Bee took the stance that it is a holiday for women.

"What is a guy gonna want for V-Day? If he wants after shave or whatever, he's gonna go to Wal-Mart and get it." she stated to her friend.

I have to admit I do have my own theory on the day and I have some proof about what men, and desperate men, do at the last minute on February 14th.

When I worked at Florence's Chocolates, a lot of men came in, right before we closed, to get a gift for their Valentine. To walk into a shop with a line running from the glass counter almost to the doors was probably disheartening for many. It was overwhelming for us employees.

The line, mostly made up of men, waiting for the guy in front of them to "hand pick" the remaining divine chocolates made by Florence in Rexburg, was as assorted as the little morsels of heaven sitting under the glass.

Some men hovered over the encased chocolates like they were looking at diamond rings at the mall. Unsure about making the commitment, debating how to best spend their money.

Should he go with Milk chocolate or dark? Nuts and caramels

or simply assorted? For a few bucks more they could put them in a decorated heart. Was it worth the extra cash for the pretty box or the already assembled, shrink wrapped ones readily available?

And then there were some men who would let me take the reigns and choose which chocolates for them. Money, nor what their sweetheart liked best, was of importance.

A few knew exactly what to get, cause their wives had told them or they knew what she loved.

"Oh, she has to have the orange cream in dark chocolate."

"You are out of Macadamia Nut with Caramel? You're kidding me. She's gonna kill me."

There weren't many gals coming to get chocolates for their guy. And some knew exactly which ones to put in- their favorites.

So B. Bee might be onto something. And men should take note-- women are talking about V-Day. Now. Find out her favorite chocolates before hand and get them bought. The long lines are not worth the wait in the 11th hour, especially if you have reservations.

"Tanning Salon" guy was absorbed in B. Bee's theory
(or just in her) as she tried to transition, from the awkward moment, from the salon to her car. As she started to edge toward the door he said:

"I bet you're the kind of girl that is buying cowboy boots for your guy so he can be as tall as you."

If B. Bee is gonna be spending any money on shoes , she's getting them for her.

(Florence's famous Cherry Cordials. These go the fastest.)

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