Monday, June 8, 2015



I know it's Monday.

 However yesterday was Sunday. And I couldn't think of what to put up there so I said Sunday. I ran out of clever and have just been laying on my bed in as straight a position for my spine as I could.
Have you ever been around Grandkids? No? Yes? Maybe a kid that was grand? Either way they are pulse that keeps people propelling forward. No kidding. When I see them or one my heart does something.
We- Padre and Madre, and J. and I- have a grandkid (I say this because I am a stay at home daughter and it totally makes things different the family spectrum. Yes, they are my nieces and nephews but I feel old and they come here and - well they are grand. What can I say? And as for J. they all look up to him. Like he's an Uncle. He's a lot older than they are.
So this one kid that is pretty sweet and grand and happens to be related to me comes over. She has been pretty darn slow and shy with us. So I pretended to ignore her the whole part of her life. And me, not looking at her, gave her license to look at me.
She came over and sat down on her dad's lap and hid her face in his chest. It was cute. She will stand inside their legs if the attention is too much. Eventually she opened up and was on her mom's lap and eyeing me as I eyed her out of the corner of my eye. Did I mention my eyes are killing me? So this was a huge effort.
Okay, so we were eyeing one another and then, behold, I pointed out some pictures of her Dad in my picture book. Yup.
We looked at each other.
And then we looked away.
See how Sundays can be fun? I got to watch Zu stand on a trampoline for the first time through the window in the kitchen that has grandkid hand prints on it.
NOt the tramp, the window.
So ZuZu is standing there and her hair is curly wild and her doe eyes are looking at her Daddy. And her bare feet start to feel the texture she is on. Then she walks holding onto her Dad's hand.
After letting her think no one was watching but her parents I knocked on the window baring the prints of the kids that are grand and she looked at me.
I clapped and said Yay!
And she was shy and smiled a triumphant smile because walking on a moving piece of ground can be difficult.
Then, on this Sunday another set of grand kids came and it was the Cowboy Trio.
Oh, boy.
Literally. All boy. They came like a tornado or a herd of cattle being herded by cowboys across Texas and up to Montana and into a movie called Lonesome Dove!
And it was Sunday.
My Son wore a tie earlier in the day and also went out to collect Fast Offerings.
This is where we take one Sunday and not eat. Except me. Except I haven't been able to eat much. Due to the esoph. dealio and then that Crohns dealio.
He pounded hot pavement after leaving some Coco Roos to get soggy in milk. In his Sunday clothes.
Which is a shirt and tie, dress pants and finally after years of haranguing; a belt.
NO ONE was home he said. Well, they were but pretended not to be he said. He was collecting what was fast offerings. Remember Disney's Robin Hood?
Yeh, well instead of animals trying to collect for the poor, or stealing from a Lion,; people pay what they would have eaten.
For the poor.
So that was Sunday.
There was more but my poor body can't write any more.
Happy Monday,

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