Friday, June 5, 2015

Love- The Sweetest Thing


( for the U2 pic because they sing ohh, oh, oh, loves the Sweetest thing.)

Ain't love the sweetest thing?

J. , my son, saw me the morning of the garden hose placement down into my throat. It had been a rough night. The pain was so bad it pushed out tears. Has that ever happened to you? Possibly during allergy season or something.

There was no way to get comfortable. So I just laid there and cried to myself. Which of course always makes things worse in your face and throat so that really helped.

 First I did the praying thing-Wait I did that the whole time in my mind. Then I was really talking to God. I actually was grateful for the experience but wanted it over. I had to draw upon a lot of reserves.

By morning I was exhausted.

 Humbled and grateful for so much. Even being tortured with the esophageal manometry

 (I know it sounds pitiful, and for some a garden hose down the throat for 24 hours is as easy as a cake walk but I had a few other things going on at the same time)

So by morning I was crying the gratitude tears. I had a need to hug my boy. And so I pulled myself out of bed and went in to snuggle Jaden. My eyes were swollen. My face red and blotchy.

So when I put my arm around him he woke up and saw me.
"oh! Come here, Sweetheart!"

and he put his arms around me and hugged me.  It was the most genuine emotion that it took me off guard. My boy is growing up into a young man. He has never said that to me. I don't think....


I had two Sons to be grateful for after a night like that.


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