Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Sending the Batman Signal

(courtesy of the same people on one of the other pictures that I put somewhere in the blog and I am lazy)

             I need your help! Things are bad.
I have lost ten pounds in four or five days and it hasn't been because I have been on the treadmill.
Maybe if I hang upside down like bats, it wouldn't be such a problem.

I went into the Dr. and I still have a fever despite five days on two different antibiotics. Did you know that there are only ten antibiotics? Yeh, I read

It is looking like an infection that I have had- that took me two years to battle and it almost wasted me away to a runway model status.

Image result for picture of the batman signal from dark knight

Being that I have all the cushings weight you'd think I would be happy but losing weight this way is verrrrrryyyy painful.

Soon they, as in the medical team that teams up to help me, is sticking a tube up my nose and down my throat.
Image result for picture of the batman signal from dark knight

(animal-kid.com courtesy-eed me this photo. thanks animal children)

I can't swallow well and the tube will see about the muscle motility in my esophagus. My stomach is searing it with acid due to Crohns.

(courtesty of img.com- and of course our fav. friend of The Batman.)
My head is pounding due to hydration. They tried three times to get me and finally got the 20 gauge in my arm. Then it fell out and leaked everywhere.

Image result for picture of the batman signal from dark knight
(courtesy of venturebeat.com)

If I want more I have to go to my fav. place, the ER. I just came home with Padre and will try to drink as much possible..... but I am so tired. I don't want to do anything.

(courtesy of batmanstadiumcomics. I have no idea if they have a real stadium or what they do they just have a picture I liked.)

So here's my blog post alert for prayers. And if you want, send Christian Bale. I don't care if I don't look amazing.

Tell him to leave the bat suit at home .......


and he can bring his wife instead of Robin.

 They can sit on my ottoman and they can take turns reading to me or we can watch a movie. Their choice.
- Okay, I have laid here a bit to gather my senses and wondering why, when I feel so sick, I am trying to do picture ettiqutte and let everyone know where google helped me find batman signal pictures.....
(courtesy of those imgkid.com people)

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  1. lots of Prayers your way Amanda!!!


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