Friday, April 11, 2014

Why would Satan be Carrying a Flashlight?

Okay, so I watched a movie called: All is Lost -

Not because I needed to find anything but because my P.T. asked me what I was gonna do after he tortured me.

Me: "Watch a National Geographic/BBC video about Africa."

Him: "Have you ever watched Out of Africa? It's my wife's favorite show."

Me: "Are you kidding?? Of course I have!" (it was and is up there at the top still. I loved it so much I had a sleepover with the Celesstial Five, as The Torment called us, and wanted them to watch the show. But he took over and ruined it and I think I ended up crying cause they wanted to joke with him, etc. It was 6th grade what can I say.

Me: looking up at the cieling and repeating Meryl Streep: "I had a fhhharm in Affrikah."

Him: "Have you seen All is Lost?"

Me: " No, what is it about."

And then he told me. Spoiler Alert!!! There is no talking. the whole time. He swears once. That's it.

My P.T. told me about Robert Redford being alone on his vessel, it gets a hole in it, then he's in his raft, and several ships pass him by, then the raft goes down and he is sinking at the end when a hand reaches down for him.

ME: "So he was saved at the last minute!!?"

Him: "He dies. Death reaches out for him. Creeepy!"

So I had to get it and watch is ambiguous ending. And wonder P.T. was right; the hand of death reaching for him. And J. had to watch it with me.

J: "That was the most boring movie. Technically, we just watch him suffer the whole time. What is the point of that?"

ME: "It's like life, a metaphor! But does he get saved or was that a hallucination or the hand of death??"

J: "Why would Satan be carrying a flashlight?"

Me: "maybe it was God!"

J: "Why would God need a flashlight?"

Jaden makes sense.

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