Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Why so Many Hits to My Blog?And it isn't God's Fault

Okay, Readers, there are more hits than usual.
 Nothing unusual has happened....
Was it something I said?
What happened overnight?
Since, I do not know I will write the amazing things that happened yesterday to us.
J: "Why is God punishing me?" between bouts of hurling fluid into a lined, garbage can.
ME  (grateful that I had put an encasing around his bean bag or it would have to be thrown away. the foam would absorb blah, blah, blah; I estimate the cost of the bean bag while holding turning my head and trying to keep the can beneath my son's mouth, while wondering if I am gonna get this with my compromised immune system and feeling more worried than I should THEN, What? My kid thinks God is doing this on purpose? How has he not listened to what I've said about that. Wait, I am almost 40 and wonder that and did today when blah blah happened.)
"What??" I looked at him and braved fluids flying in my face and infecting me too.
J: "I practiced so hard for tonight."
(J. pitching many months and moons ago he was money this game.)
Readers, he did in fact practice really hard for baseball and he almost had me wondering why on earth God did give him the flu on the first game after all our efforts to buy equipment, pay to play,
get him to practice which entails getting all his gear and his body fueled and ready to play, blah blah, blip, blue.
And P.S. the sun is shining and it is a perfect day for a game but we have this "mysterious" Old Testament in the Bible scourge flu....
Me: "God isn't punishing you." I know this because I know this.
J. throws up and can't answer back.
ME: "You got this from someone else who threw up and you came into contact with those germs by bluck, bleegh, bluh. " I am not Sherlock Holmes and can provide the detective work of how he got it.
And I am not Sherlock of the Scriptures. Where God did, indeed, send down some things to people to help them be tested.
J: "Well, that feels better." laying on the bean bag as I am disinfecting the air.
ME:"Oh, good." seriously feeling bad for him. And realizing that it wasn't just butterflies before a game and glad he wasn't puking on the mound. But Michael Jordan played through the flu in one game back in.... STOP thinking!
J. lays there. And I go about cleaning in my forensic unit attire which happens to be blue gloves on this occasion. I opened up windows to get a breeze going through. Took two days for J. to get the flu from the last person who threw up. My head is fuzzy pounding. Is it the flu? I wondered.
And I wondered if God really does allow some things to happen at the worst time. Or perfect time.
I dunno.. But I DO know he doesn't send trials like lighting bolts to strike us like a kid getting whipped. He spares the Rod. None of this is doctrine. Just a gut feeling.
So I guess it was my fault that I locked my keys in the car the other day. Not God punishing me.
It made me feel good that it happened across the street from the dudes that unlock cars. Irony.
I do believe Heavenly Father has a sense of humor. If we laugh at ourselves it feels true.
 AND it made me find out that my car is impossible to break into. At least for a good twenty minutes.
So, YAY!
No one can break into my car and steal my hand sanitizer, wipes, toothpicks. Emergency bag if on a long trip and the extra aluminum cans that were clogging up the landing in the house. Recycling, like faith, takes a lot of work for small pay outs in the beginning, but eventually they have to make a dent.
I hope.

J. has a book name idea that he threw out there, tell me what you think:

'You Live What You Learn.'
He is pretty smart. I might let him take the reins and write this one.
Oh, and the other day my mom stepped on a grandchild. So ya gotta know that little people are hard to see and trampling kindergartners is totally plausible.

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