Saturday, April 26, 2014

Swallowing, Orthodontic Work and Campfires

I can't swallow. A layer of white carpet is in my mouth and it is the culprit.
Having a dry mouth does not help either. So I try very hard to keep my mouth shut, tongue atop the roof of my mouth, and my lips pursed.
They can't do this naturally. Why? Years ago I had crooked teeth and had to go to the Orthodontist.

The drilling and smell of whatever glue they use fill my nostrils and made my mouth water in the worst way. Cause it wanted to gag. My parents hmm-ed and ho-ed about what to do with my mouth and its teeth.

The decision was made to correct my overbite. To get rid of the buck teeth. Well, almost get rid of it. IF we were going to go the route of keeping my teeth, instead of pulling a couple to make room for the bucks, I would be forced to live with lips that perpetually stayed a tiny bit open.

That decisions, 28 years ago, is affecting me today. My mouth will not close while I sleep unless I stick a pillow under it. AND to top it off I have allergies so badly and inflammation in my sinuses that i can't breethe through my nostrils.

That's right. I can't breethe through my nose anyway. So it has to come from somewhere.
Hence, Dry Mouth. And swallowing.....

People. I mean, Readers, do you know how hard it is to get a good night's rest with your mouth clamped shut and you are turning blue or if it is hangin open like a dead cadaver and your tongue is so swollen that you can't swallow?

If any of you have ideas- email me or call. I've already tried vaseline for cracked lips and rabid dog looking film on them. As well as sucking on ice to numb my tongue and mouth so I forget about the dilemma briefly.

While you research ideas, I am going to try to figure out how I can follow a Cabela's magazine prod., telling me that ADVENTURE is within my reach. And that it's "[my] time to forge enduring memories that I will be telling around campfires for years to come.

I guess this blog is the closest way you and I are gonna get to a campfire. Give me some time and I will weave a tale whilst you all huddle around the computers. This is a bonus because none of you have to worry about the smoke in your face....

Who am I kidding? I'm just blowin' smoke.  Laters, Readers. I have to rest and try to swallow. Oh, and breathe. It's kinda hard.

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