Monday, April 28, 2014

I got Fat. And Random Prednisone Facts.

Cushing's Syndrome
Okay, it's the first elephant, or Equine/Dog fact that come up whenever I google search prednisone and or cushings syndrome/disease( they are different. the first happens as a prednisone side effect. )

 in the blog to address today:

I got fat.

Upwards of 85 pounds of fat. That's a lot. Especially if you're used to saying:

"Uh, If I could only get off that Freshman 15."
 (the 15 pounds that come out of nowhwere when you go to college despite walking all over campus and heading to the Hart Gym, named after another relative, to work out daily.

Yes, EVEN if you are a Prednisone Veteran and are saying:

"ughhhhhh...... how long until I lose this 35 pounds that all the sudden showed up in my face and belly?"
 on a forum.

Prednisone can be so evil while on it so long, along with other things, to make it so not even you recognize yourself when you pass in front of mirrors, shopping mall windowsm or the computer while you type when the light hits just so.

But that first time when a nehphew, at whom's house you attended for said kiddie's video, asks his parent who you are and you saw each other two weeks previous- there is a certain element of wonder that hits you at how in the world you started to look like a globe of the world.

Yes, I recall buying some Lindt chocolates around Christmas time two years ago. Then it was all uphill from there. Meaning the fat chose to not only give me a moon face, but I am dealing with a fat pad around my neck that makes it hard to breathe. I have to tip my head back a bit so the pad doesn't push on my neck.

Now, I have some advice for how to prepare for this, or any other devastating change that should arise in your life, so that I can feel that I help someone.

After much thought I came up with these few tips.

1. you can't.



I erased two and three becaues they were redundit. And what good is it to buy a shirt that says you looked different before you gained weight on prednisone? Or whatever.

Last night I was researching- another side effect of the mind like mine, and whenever I come across googling say Cushings Syndrome, it is next to animals that have it. What the heck?, I thought as I waded through the daft information

Then I thought: "What the heck. How does Apple Bottoms feel? The Equine magazine or whatever has a report on it and I was curious why they didn't put AB outta her misery? Heck, maybe there is something to learn from AB. That could help us humans...

-a result in humans in the change of the Pituitary Gland but only cortisol levels in the horses is the difference. However. Apple has lost her stomach muscle too. She also has gotten different hair coming in. It is long and wavy. Mine is all over my body and is fuzzy. But it's falling out in places I want it. Like the top of my head. hmm.

she is starting to act and walk like a Senior aged horse. And the front legs are more pronounced with arthritis.

Anyway, the above picture is of a horse with Cushings. I am relieved it is her instead of me on the cover of a magazine.

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