Thursday, January 30, 2014

Porridge and Diapers

The alarm is set to go off in the next little while.

I have been up, sitting in my chair, Buck, and drinking Miralax. You have to start really early in the morning to get your meds in on time. But anyway. I have been bouncing from an article in a church magazine and a book called:

the smartest kids in the world
and how they got that way

The book has a rubix cube on it with stickers of some flags from around the world. The only thing that I have in common with the book is that I share the same first name as the author, Amanda Ripley, and I once had a cube which I never figured out.

The family room is needing some work. Several Nerf toys are littered about on the furniture along with two baseball mitts, and there are some Amazon boxes riddled with holes.

Proudly I notice that they are on the mark. J has hit the bulls eye. I'm wondering if this makes him smart.

He's had a pretty decent childhood, as childhood's go. I am not far enough into the book to find out if he qualifies as one of the smartest, or potentially smartest kids- BUT! I actually think that we made some tough choices this last year and it is paying off in the education department.

In the magazine I'm reading the author, Richard G. Scott said that he was confident in our future and that there would be advances in technology, physics, and...... medicine. That last one caught my attention.

Why? Because I sorta have had the attitude of our medical world, and my world, hitting a brick wall of sorts. End of the line. Not much to offer. And then I start reading about HOPE! And smart people who are just as ingenuitive as some of those who went before and could come up with advances that would help me and others.

I'd thrown in the towel! Obviously I am not one of the smartest kids! Or was giving up on the notion.

What does this have to do with Porridge and Diapers? Absolutely nothing. It was simply me recalling a saying my Grandma told me that her Dad said to her: "Save your breath to cool your own porridge."

I had mentioned this to Jaden at some point and loved the analogy but one day he came up with a saying that made me laugh. I was going through the mom questionairre before bed time.

Did you shower? Did you brush? Did you notice I put clean underwear in your drawer?

"Mom, how about you worry about your diaper and I will worry about mine."

It gave me pause. Then laugh. And it is easier and more to the point than the porridge analogy.

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