Saturday, January 4, 2014

How to Tell Christmas Vacation is Over

1. You find yourself eating a sandwich minus everything up to the bread board.

2. Eating up to the bread board by yourself on a stool.

3. Instead of dirtying a paper plate or reaching for one, you settle for a napkin.

4. The sturdy Amazon boxes are not so cool anymore.

5. You have watched Elf more than twice with J.

6. You fall asleep after a paragraph of reading a book you thought you'd finish over the break.

7. You gather, collapse, and take out the boxes in your jammies.

8. Padre decides to make another errand and locks the house up in the time you took to walk outside to empty the trash. In your jammies.

9. There is finally a path cleared to the tread mill.

10. The Wreath is Still Hanging on the Door

11. It went too Fast

12. Conversation on the treadmill with J. (he is on eliptical)

Me: This was the best Christmas yet.

J: It isn't over.

ME: Tomorrow is Sunday

J: It's over.

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