Tuesday, January 7, 2014

How You Know it is 2014

1.The kids are back in school.
(a.) but they still hold indoor recess cause it's cold in Idaho and apparently the midwest...
(b.) they -the midwest- are getting 60 below! Cripes! Idaho is SO sorry! We are sending blankets, mittens, sorels and firewood, and my blog!)
2. Instead of a normal tune, I can't get the sound of a kid's voice singing a Josh Groban song.
(Kid Snippets on Youtube was introduced to me by J. over the holiday.)
(Even Josh Groban knew about the Utah based short snippet acts that the Utahn Roberts Brothers make of their kids' voices and their acting it out. Wildly hilarious and addicting)
3. The WSJ, which many of you know I read back to front, back in the day and now I just skim the front page, has articles about this being the year of health care.
4. I am too busy with health care to read.
5. Josh Groban is IN one of the kid snippets and some upcoming ones...
and you thought you knew what Josh Groban did.
6. You realize you didn't break out Josh Groban's Christmas CD over the Holidays cause you weren't handwashing dishes now that you have a Dishwasher!!
7. "Run away, Run away, " (sung by a kid that has that raspy kinda voice and is really cute)
8. Changing the Humidifier Water Daily and Cleaning It- is getting REALLY old.
9. You realize you weren't the only one on your street to leave up the Wreath.
10. You are reading the fine print side effects of Remicade now that you are off it.
11. Kids are shocked to find that homework wasn't just a nightmare.
12. Kids are just as excited to open a drawer with clean socks and under clothing, as
Raplhie was when he got his Red Rider BB Gun
on A Christmas Story.
13. Padre and I are no longer companions over a break.

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