Saturday, January 18, 2014

Oh, Wow. A Younger Face of Chronic Illness

It's in the a.m. and I am on the forum.

I've googled long term effects of :

 "x" drug

after "x" amount of allergic reactions

 multiplied by twenty years of immunosuppresants

plus biologics,
with a dash of mouse protein and gotten nothing.

So I modified my search

 and this is what I found. Diary of a Sick Girl.

One of the grandtots says: "oh, wow." when in wonder and amazement over things like a nicely stored collection of
waiting to be unloaded onto the carpet.

I had an:

Oh, wow!

When I saw this young woman's blog on the Healing Well Website.
She has RA, IBD, LUPUS, and a host of other things.

this made me cry...
Aww, schucks. I hate to see people suffer. Especially being young.. It takes so much from you anyway. But when it hits you when you are young it takes innocence and hands it back.
But the taking of it is so sad to see.

However, she is very grown up about it!

And it couldn't have hit closer to the truth watching her go through a tough night. The cramping up of her hand is so true. Who thought about joints when you were young unless you were at the skating rink? Doing the hokey pokey?

With RA it grabs you by the ear and pulls your attention just what for about joints. But who wants to know that at a young age? It is about make-up, prom, tests, and school books.

When you get older it is, well, for older people. Not YOUNG people. Unless you get it young and then you feel like you can relate to older people and striking up a conversation about aspercreme with a geriatric isn't unrealistic.

It is with fondness that I discovered a cream that didn't smell like old folks home when I was 22, the age this young woman is now. There have been some break throughs in medicine. And some of the meds break you..... (cough, PREDNISONE, ahem.)

Sadly, I am at a pivotal point in the game. That I wouldn't video but should. It's the part where prednisone goes on tooooooooooooooo long. I don't know if I should be holding anyone responsibile for this or my own illness.

But it has. not. been. pretty.

Who wants to put on weight in the most lopsided areas? Like your neck and torse. Sure it goes other places but you might as well fall into the non existent bum category with the off centeredness of the cell placement.

I used to have a chin.....

okay, okay. I will stop there. I don't want a young woman to stumble across my blog and lose hope for what could be in her lifetime if she has some immune disorders and is ordered by a Dr. to take prednisone, she sees my situation, and doesn't take the life saving med.


Who's ready for the Olympics? Sign me up.  I wish I had Dish.

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