Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Groan- outloud.
 Sigh that you have finally faced yourself in the mirror. Or done something you didn't want to do..
The one thing I love about writing, is that I can make whatever endings, I can make it up and that's how it is.
Life is NOT like that. Thank goodness. Too many happy endings and no problems would get old, eh?
The pics I am showing are of 'unfinished business'. Projects that have piled up and sooner or later came upon my lap like an ignored puppy dog.

They ask: Are you going to finish me??
Thankfullly I could tell them, no. That I had to finish my closet clean up, inventory project I started at Christmas. And my hands hurt..
 So, no.
But they are unfinished. And  the thing about unfinished items is they stay that way til you get to them. They can outlast marriages.
Childhood years.
And still be waiting for you for when you are ready to look at and tackle them again.
 The Eagle will probably get finished as J hits the age that he can get his Eagle in Scouts. But it actually is for me. It coincides with a scripture that talks about eagles mounting up, above the clouds- to soar above their problems.
I am doing it differently than other stitches. In that it is only stitched one way, the complete x is not finished I'd seen a woman do several of hers this way and they came off looking like paintings.
X-stitching isn't in style anymore in home decore necessarily. But I believe in it when it come to giving you something to do. Something to get your mind off of things. And something to challenge yourself with when you need a challenge. Changning out needles or counting out different colors can be hard.
My problem is that I have started many projects. Not just sticthing. Closet cleaning will show you that!


It all started with me trying to find a particular pattern so that I could get Jaden making one of the animals alonside the edges of this Indian one. Another project that I thought would be cool in J's room. But til then he can do an Elk, right?

I've even inherited this project of my Gma's.
It's easy, but I ran up against a color matching problem and let that stop me. How lame is that?
The boy seems to be hollering: Finish me! She (your gma) doesn't have much time left!
Quite being a perfectionist/procrastinator and finish me!
However, it is nice to know that eve she has some unfinished cross stitching business!
Here are three that I started that are super cute, but they are linen. Which means twice as much counting and squinting.
No thanks.
So I opted to start on one that was festive.
It is a mailbox with Santa's bag next to it.
"Dear Santa", it begins.

"I can explain."

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