Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Vday Decor and Wal- Mart

While searcing for ways to display doiliesm because my grandmothers made a million and they are so rare I need to do something with them...  I ran across the cutest mantle decoration!
 The lady who had decorated the space, it was actually a hutch-like opening  where a TV should go, had all of her doilies plastered to the back wall of the space, brought out her milk colored vases and put light peach roses with dark peach tips in them and strung white button garland around the doilies and above the whole cute thing and tied  white books with with ribbons and put sea shells in fun jars.
It made me think I could pull it off something similar with my idea of romance.
Taping the doilies to that back of the hutch. wouldn't fly here,  or look that great for that matter.  But  the woman's decor got me stirring crazy creativity ideas  and this is my rendition of what I saw.  

 There is somethint about buttons that symbolize holding things together,
The couple in the wedding picture is Padre and Mom. I'm sure Padre will get roses or flower tomorrow and I can put some in the vases. I requested the peach colors and he looked at me in surprise. Yup. Vday is almost here... You better get on it. Or maybe it was a look of: You think I'm getting you flowers?
Oh, well. If he doesn't, I will go after Vday when they are all on sale and buy some.
Don't you love the vintage Gone With the Wind?
I (mom)  has an even OLDER version.

It makes me want to take classes on restoring books......

Well, I will have to try out the ideas I saw online about what to do with your doilies when there is no more space on furniture to display them!
We spent Abe's Bday with familly. Which I thought was very much an Abish thing to do because he loved his kids, family.
I'd wanted to pull out books we have on him and talk a bit about him to J. other than say: "Hey! It's Abe's Bday!" Cause all he cares about is that fact that HIS bday is coming up.
I was able to find a cheap hot wheels car and a chocolate trout fiish at Wal-Mart to give him for Vday.
The trip to W.M. happened right at 5.
The. Worst. Time. To Go.
But it was necessary and so I did what I could and I tried to impliment my tactic for learning to love dishes to love going to W.M. I tell you what, there has to be some way to make the experience at W.M. better.
I've found that if I talk to the cashier, and earnestly try to have a sincere conversation with him/her it makes the trip a little bit easier. You feel good empathizing with the worker- who has to STAY at W.M. while all you had to do was shop, pay, and leave.
The folks who work at W.M. really have to have nerves of steel. And a tough back.
One woman I know has worked there for many years. And when I see grandmothers stacking the shelves, it is really humbling.
Next time I will not go right at dinner time. And I'm going to find out when the best time is to go to that place. Regardless, it's a good work out because most often the items I need are on totally opposite ends of the store. They know this and that's why the milk is in the VERY back of the store.
The time for J. to "jump up" is nearing. He's gonna be so happy to go to school!
Another day. I better tell him it's Ash Wed. as well and what the heck it is.
There are some really great holidays in February!

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