Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Stress and Sweat

I am reading a book. Well, actually they are "Affirmations"- so I don't have to read, read. But read a line and then close my eyes and say it over and over until I am not sweating it.
Because that is what the baby of the book: Don't Sweat the Small Stuff and it's All Small Stuff.The author basically had never been on prednisone. Stuff that makes you sweat, no matter what you are reading. And makes you feel guilty because of all those deodorant commercials you saw growing up about the bad things that can happen if you let them see you sweat.
Which could cost you a job interview, a dance with some hot guy (hot as in good looking, not under the pressure of forest fire heat and wearing a lot of fireman gear.)  and it your sleeveless dress shows that you used a deodorant that left a stain and that you are just dripping onto his arms.
Again, these people were not thinking in prednisone terms.
Back to the book that doesn't make me stop sweating but does give me some nuggets of wisdom.
When you are recouping or under the duress of the worst flu season to hit the hemisphere, it's good to not be too far into Tolstoy. It just would make you sweat trying to understand.
One liners are easier to digest in the midst of, well, duress.
 One night or day or moment, I can't recall do to the duress of bodily infliction, it said something to the effect: "I feel joyful about financial matters in my life"
This made me laugh. I tried to close my eyes, find the Monk in me and ohm the words in my head:" I feel joyful about financial matters in my life."
Repeated three times.
This made me laugh. I could not be in more of a position to frolic through fields of gold about my finances.
So the book works. My stress was alleviated by the good laugh. I can't wait to see what the next affirmation will be.

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