Saturday, July 28, 2012

Soccer Anyone?

I am at a loss to explain this one.

First off, I had two of these Trellis packages that Padre bought.
He did NOT want me to cut these specific ones.

The conduit poles are 6ft tall.

Width and length trellis did not mix well with the combination of prednisone and Padre's

As you can imagine it was a tough call and doing it by myself was akin to
folding the flag by myself and not having it
touch the ground.

The tomatoes on the south side is an "Ode to Charlotte's Web".
I tried to "double back around these ones because they are getting huge
and wanted to see if they'd climb on both sides.  
No soccer on this side, unless I tie that hole in the middle.

How about some cute grandkid leftover in the garden? -That'll get our minds off
the, uh, Trellis ordeal.

Isn't that so cute.
Random love notes from the kiddies to help us remember them

Or should we play a game of Name That Onion?

I started to weed and I became befuddled.  NO Tokyo long stemmed
Unless I weeded them out.
Poor things were subject to so many weeds that I couldn't get to, I bet they felt like
foreigners without a tour guide in Tokyo.
Then lost their will to live.

Sorry Tokyos. Sorry Walla Wallas.

Padre's response was first to ask if I CUT the strings.

No I did not! I proudly said.

"What did ya do?"
Sorry, confidential. Insider information. Don't want you duplicating it.

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