Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Babies

The Babies can be overlooked for only so long on the blog! It is time to upload!

The little whittler, below, is the first. But I am starting with my journal. Because when I finally get to it, and record my thoughts:

Susan Branch stickers sprinkled amongst them, then I feel lighter.

When I finally get out and sit in this place or water my garden:
(I swear I put in three rows!)

or maybe sit among the weeds (and peas) over here:

 I feel quieter.

A bird's eye view of some raspberries will mean a trip to Reed's Dairy for

Half and Half

some Sugar- a generous heaping- 

And who can resist rocking in Padre's chair while a little scout whittles away a piece of
dove soap??
And makes a feather?
Not me.

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