Monday, July 30, 2012

Navy SEALS and Chores

J. likes to play 'Military' with his buddies. Water balloons become grenades; the neighborhood a big war zone in which to spread out and use walkie-talkies; try to walk and talk like the military guys. Their 'landing' and 'take off' verbage is exceptionally cute. The amount of artillary saved up over the years is pretty impressive.

So today when my wanna-be Navy SEAL was complaining about weeding and how it hurt a recent hand wound, along with the fact he wanted to get back to playing with his buddies- I mentioned something to the affect:

"If a Navy SEAL had a little hand wound, would that  keep him from completing his mission?" Eluding to him that he needed to finish and reminding him he had gloves that were perfect for the situation and would make it easier to weed.

His comeback:

"Mom, Navy SEALS don't have to worry about 'chores' ". 

I dunno if they are subject to weeding on their days off- if anyone knows, let me know. I don't want him to have the impression they have it "easy".

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