Tuesday, July 24, 2012


This is after I went through and cut some lettuce off from the "what I thought to be a scant
two rows of lettuce."

It actually has been plenty. I have had 3 full ziplock bags in my fridge and can't pawn
enough of the greens off at meal times or visiting family.

A friend told me to stagger when I plant them next time.

I have two harvests, this size, once all was said and done.

Padre sat at the table overlooking the vast weeds growing in our garden and asked me what some of the "taller" plants were in the garden. (Fully knowing that they are rogue Sunflowers).

Sunflowers. I responded.

"When ya grow a vegetable garden it seems you'd wanna grow that- vegetables."

I don't just want to grow a vegetable garden.

He nodded as if all our hard work had been for naught because of the enterprising

An explanation ensued about the gardening type that I like to do. Mind you,
I don't just want the army of Sunflowers, but I do
love the randomness

and wimzy.

(See, this cute one amongst the raspberries just bloomed and now refuses to
turn upright in my blog. Despite numerous times turning her in uploading.)

Gardens and pictures do whatever they want.

If you want to come over and rock in one of Padre's nice chairs and have a Coca-Cola, you are welcome to.
However,  you'll find that he has more than one use for keeping tags on purchased items- to help identify what is his; and what is his that he doesn't mind that you use.

Padre, I had NO idea this one was yours until the breeze flapped the tag over and I noticed
your name! First time I'd seen your name on one of your tags. Sorry!

 But how Clever!

And my signature demanded to stay up there by the lettuce for some reason.
Til next time.

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