Sunday, May 20, 2012


I thought Padre's camera was lost! Well, not LOST, lost. But somewhere that would re-surface like most "lost" items.

Keeping things on the "down low" blog wise was critical until I found out whether Padre was carting the thing with him to work (which is what he does but usually not the one I have comandeered.) or if I had to bite the bullet, text him and ask: "Hey, uh, Dad.... you don't happen to have your camera with you?"

It is the sort of information that could have caused an accident on the road or something.

But, alas! The little thing was in its mini cooler under his desk in the office and all is well.

Tomorrow I will post on his surprise Padre Day gift. Very exciting. It includes tags left on and everything else that goes with a purchase in the fam.

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