Sunday, May 20, 2012

Oh, Yeh- The Wedding

Baby Sis got married and I actually got to get my hands on a real camera. Here's what the decorations looked like, thanks to Miranda Lambert-


we saw that antlers and vintage/antique really can mix!


I love this picture.

Once I read about a widow who wished she had a picture of her husband's hands.

So of course I zoomed in when Sis's man took her hand and ran his thumb
over the top of it.

(the little cowboys hangin' back during the ceremony)

The man who married them


the Kenny Chesney song: Don't Blink.

So I let that shutter fly throughout the wedding to capture all the memories that

go by

 in a blink of an eye.


LIfe Goes By, Faster Than Ya Think.

'Nette these are for you:

(In response to the photo being "cut"- You actually got all the family! So don't worry! When I enlarged it enough for the blog it chops the right side. It happened with Sonny up above as well! So no worries!
You did a great job decorating and we appreciated not having to put that all up in
the wind!

Good thing the antlers kept the tablecloths on each table from blowing


  1. Great pics....except for o my....did I really cute off half of the fam in the family photo? Not good....Hmmm. Maybe the other camera had a better one. If you get a chance could you email be a few? I don't think that we ever met, but I did the decor'. My mom Cindy works with your mom...great lady. It was a great wedding!!

  2. It really was so nice and I loved how you put it all together. Do you have a web-site or blog that I could link this post to? Then others can go to yours and see more. If you like, I can burn the pics I took and give you a copy to simply upload to your site. That sounds easier!
    Good thing we have moms that collaborated! Because we really did enjoy that day as a family.


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