Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Another amazing felt creation while on prednisone last whenever.

My nephew received this cute creation with some felt animals. The barn was finished recently. As I was half way through when I got off prednisone.

And then it seemed an awful big project.

Which took till spring to finish.
It was part of a Christmas gift.

So the other day the lil cowboy left his horses and came to play.

It required all of us putting on our boots.

He found them in our closets and was adamant we put them on.

He couldn't believe we'd not wear them on a daily basis!

He insisted Padre put on his cowboy hat, too.

Who doesn't wear their hat 24/7??


Apparently, even when K. W. is without clothes, he always has his hat and boots on.

(with the exception of the above picture- he had taken it off when he walked in the door.)

Cause that is Cowboy Consistency, Readers!

You don't check your guns at the door in his world!

One of the saddest things about this time in a kid's life is that toy companies don't know
cowboy boys.

That their waists are small.

The cowboy boy gets his first revolver, goes to put on the holster-
and it falls to his ankles.

How do you shoot fast in that situation?

The fancy and cool falls to a heap on the floor and requires mom's, the world over,
to somehow make the thing fit.

But guess what!

Madre and Baby Sis found a full fledge holster, in kid size, at an antique store.

It even fits Skinny cowboys.

(Even if they have their onsie jams on)

but not least,

it says Wyatt Earp on the genuine leather.

No plastic here, pilgrims!

Thank you, pioneer of real cowboy holsters.

You were a few years late for my buck-a-roo.

But I'll forgive.

Only because now his plastic holsters actually fit and he can indulge

his little cousin in cowboy and Indian.

P.S. Padre is back at work, hence, the lack of writing material. He tried to feign stress .

But I knew he was as kiddy as K.Dub playing cowboy to

go back to work.

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