Monday, May 28, 2012

I Got Sunshine on Mem. Day

It hailed yesterday.
Padre commented that if we could just get some sunshine now, which his phone told him we would, then our garden would just explode.

Gloomy clouds all around the darkness I broke out:

"I got sunshy---unnn
on a
clowwwwdy day"

Padre said: "Ya know, that reminds me of being in Vietnam."

I paused and said: "hmm."

Wasn't what I expected.

"Yeh, during all that chaos there would be those motown songs playing. And every morning,
'White' his friend who went by his last name
but who was actually black

would always play

James Brown's

I Feel Good

every morning." Even if he was still asleep his alarm would go off, he'd sleep turn it off and turn on Jame's song.

Can you imagine? Sleeping in tents like they were and dragged outta sleep by that song?

I bet Padre felt like this when he got up.

 Some guys would try to create 'hip'
Padre said.

By hanging silk that the locals sold them,
they would put hang them and play those songs

to drown out the war.

Hopefully, Padre is right, and today's sunshine will dry out the drowned garden
and we'll see some explosion of veggies.

Thanks, Vets, Family and Friends today and every day!

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