Monday, May 21, 2012

The Chair

She bloomed! I have to randomly include my plants, like I do my kids because I am so proud of them for living!

So I promised to share the story of the chair. As you know we had a wedding so the fact that Madre
went to great lengths to get THE Chair for an early Father's Day gift, was anything short of miraculous.

First off, we had a chair. It is green and deceptively comfortable looking. It's not. In fact they could replace waterboarding with this chair. Sit a terrorist in it for a day and they'd be crying and unloading all sorts of information.

The reason for this originates in construction; although cute- it is an awkward chair. If you left it upright, you had to strain your neck forward to keep you spine alined.

If you laid back, you had to push your weight or throw your arms back and above your head to keep the recliner coming back to the sitting position. Yet we kept it an amazing 13 years. Actually, it's still in the living room.

On the other hand, Padre's mother has the Queen of all chairs. A La-z-Boy contstructed by Noah himself. Or an engineer with a medical degree. It is a highlight to visit her and sit in that chair.

Padre would go to her house, sit in it and fall asleep. Once he even mentioned to her that he "wished he'd come home from work one day and there that chair would be- ready for him to sink into as he watched Glenn Beck.

So Madre finally called Grandma and got the serial numbers on the bottom of the chair, the location of the store- which was in Preston, Idaho; and called the company.

There, on the floor, ready to buy, was a buckskin twin of Grma's chair. She compared prices to the IF stores, available colors and even with her driving clear to Preston; she saved dinero.

In order to surprise Padre and not wait a couple weeks for delivery, she took off to Preston. Right in the midst of Nuptial preparations. It was wild and crazy!!

Gma even stayed up all night the previous night worrying that her son wouldn't approve of Madre getting it, or possibly the car Madre was driving would break down, or (you fill in the blank). If you ever need a "worrier", we will loan her out to you for a small fee by telling her about your woes.

So the chair made it home, just shortly after Padre got home from a long trip to some other country or something to fix their communication problems via phones, etc.

He was elated.

Gma was elated. So elated that despite suffering from the ravages of Parkinson's Disease, she made the Herculean effort to come over and look at the chair, it's price tags still in place, in the living room. She sat in it and said: "Well, Craig, I want to see you in it." She slowly and painfully stood up and moved to the green chair.

Gpa replied: "She ain't comfortable unless she's miserable."

The man from whom all B.S. originated.

"Oh, you can sit in it, mom." Padre replied.  "I was just going to go take a shower and get all ready for bed and then sit in it." (He can't officially relax until he's showered.)

"Oh,no." Grma lamented. "Now I've gotten it dirty."  This made me laugh.

Memo to self: "Only wear Temple Clothing while sitting in Padre's new chair."

So you can imagine my surprise when I saw this:

Padre, on A Sunday afternoon, on the couch his tag bearing chair on display.

 I don't know the rationale behind this decision. If he is keeping the new throne in mint condition, debating on returning it, or wanted us to feel guilty that he wasn't in it cause we've sat in it a few times- whatever the reason, it is a mystery!

But there it is! The most comfortable chair you could ever sit in! And we now have one for him to come to after all he does for us during the day and find some real "rest".   I debated sitting in it as he was waking up, but opted to blog about it instead.

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