Saturday, October 10, 2009


Have you ever seen Alfred Hitchcock's show The Birds? Well, before you read this next post, you need to see it for the FULL effect of fear to come over you.

Yesterday triggered this memory. I was tutoring and a story touched on Crows. So the kids got to hear about how I found out that crows are cannibals.

It was the none scary season of summer. I was walking outside in flipflops to watch my son play in the water. I heard something in the garage. But it was trapped in the corner stuck in the old basketball hoop's net. yikes. It was a cat or something.

I decided to let it be for a bit and sat in my recliner. Just as I'd adjusted my sunglasses and read half way down the page of a book I felt something's awry. I looked aroun me and there in the door way was a crow. It was looking back at me. Just standing there. I quickly moved out of the way so it could fly off. But it just walked toward the garden. I grabbed a broom to 'shoo' it away. Well, by the time I came back out a group of crows had gathered out on the power lines. Immediately I tried to get the lame one headed out of the yard and its pals started screaming at me.

I froze. J was still playing in the sprinkler and I told him to get out of the yard. At least 15 birds had accumulated on two lines, the south and east side of the yard.

I slowly started to walk back toward the garage. They quit screeching at me and turned the full attention toward the crow on the ground. Who now had my symphathy even if he was one of them.

After we were clear they started bombing the poor bird. From the window inside I watched it retreat into the Rhubarb. Yup, the rhubarb. Afterwhich the birds left. I hightailed it out there and swept it along the fence, it hopping on one foot all the while until it was out front. I closed the gate and locked it.

The birds came back and I ran inside. Even from indoors I could hear them wailing.


After a google search I found that is typical for them to attack and eat the more infirm among themselves. Interesting....

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