Thursday, October 1, 2015

Magpie Month!

Skinny Jackie- 9 inch stained glass star with striated glass and jack-o-lantern center
(Piggy & Dirt are getting their Spook on over at their etsy shop. Fun! and all the stars in this post are from their new line of stuff!)

Forget how creepy the crows are in the Mordoor Pine Trees on the north corner of our front yard,

(courtesy of
it's the Magpie during 'swooping season' that we need to worry about!
They woke me up Sunday morning with all their ruckus over each other, other birds, their territory-
They were MAD!
ME: when J. was on the computer later- "Hey, will you look up Magpies and see what their deal is?"
Apparently, they have "a month" - which happens to be September that is set aside for mating and/or protecting their nests depending on where you live; (Australia for instance) They get ornery during this time. 
That is when their dive bombing for the 4-6 weeks during Sept. and spilling into October starts. And it is FREAKY.

The good news is they have kept even the crows away for right now because they have grown in number and took over the Crows' Mordoor (really tall pine trees around the neighborhood houses.)

 Sunday morning's
 "Magpie Freak Out"
You can almost tell exactly what this guy on the left is thinking.....

 made me think a 'Murder of Crow' was going on:  (I have posted about this before and it's a little thing they do, and have been doing for centuries- Three of them get together and decide which one to take out then they all dog pile that one!)

Darting here and there between trees in my neighbors' yard; the Mags were going ballistic.

Like Elk rut, Magpie swoop and holler and mark territory. But don't worry- if you quietly walk away with your hands on your head, they will stop dive bombing your noggin'.


Not a big deal

. Or at least when they do, you will have your eyes somewhat protected.

The advice during Magpie season was to wear, "A wide brimmed hat or an umbrella."
This is Idaho. If you use an umbrella, it will turn inside out. Which would actually help if you wanted to spear the Magpie. However it would take quick timing and then you would just make them mad.

They tend to attack people moving quickly like people on bikes or those wearing black and white. So avoid those colors and just wear orange during darting Magpie month!

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