Sunday, November 9, 2014

My Calling

(The group of gals that kept me outta trouble growing up. I am second from left. Dubbed the Celestial Five by my Brother.)

"So do ya have a calling?" one of my friend's visiting from out of town asked.
"Don't ask her that!" my other childhood friend scolded like a mother.

I laughed inside while I sat in mom's recliner wearing an outfit only half put togetherand answered the question about my calling.
(A calling in the LDS church is a volunteer, non-paid, ) And most of us in the church ask that kinda like asking what the weather is like. It usually tell another how much duress the other might be in.
One friend of mine has four callings cause no one can play the piano and there are too few in attendence. Like me when I'm really sick.

That pic., by the way, marks the "tipping point" of prednisone in my body. I had gained back weight, endured a taper and was now on the second round of a high dosage and taper. My body would never recover from this taper like in other tapers. I am still not off the taper. I believe this was two years ago....

I had wanted to tell my friend that my she was looking at my calling- me enduring the meds that were keeping me alive; that was my Calling!
Because it was and is a full time job. I'm glad I can email some gals from my church and keep track of how their doing and that is all that is expected of me at this time. I am grateful to those who keep track of me and serve so much you have no idea how much they do. I am not able to do what you do.

Well, I gotta stop and try to cough up a lung or something,

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