Sunday, November 23, 2014

Bundled & Marguarita was Its Name

(Me in years ago during the summertime. Not winter. And not with a Moon Face. I am missing one of my chins here.... Right now my comfy scarf is helping me to get cozy. )

Well, I am finally able to crawl on here and write something about something.

Hmm... I had something on the tip of my fingertips but can't recall it. Let's just say it is a good thing I started to get ready for Christmas, in August. It will take until Christmas for me to be ready for Christmas. It takes me forever to do things anymore. Getting ready. Slow. Making a decision. Slow.
Walking- slow. Unless I slip and then you see some action.

And the camera shots....  it's the usual sob story. I am not feeling awesome enough to pull it out. I know this sounds crazy. But the ocular pressure.... okay, okay. NO more excuses. Well, I will have to be the camera for you, Readers. For now. Just hold on. We are lucky to post tonight.

YAY! 11-23 is the day I took some pictures and uploaded rather than take pics from previous posts or from friends and their adventures!
(one of the wreaths I made in this prednisone hoopla sometime back... Yeh, yeh, Someday it will probably be on a shelf at the DI. But I can't tell you how grateful I am to be able to MAKE something- to create
Good thing I started getting ready for the holidays back in July because I knew these months would be hard. Well, they have all been hard. But tapering would be on the table. )

Oh, I grabbed my typewriter earlier to type out my Christmas message and the ribbon is dry. The ribbon needs to be replaced. Guess that's what happens when you own a really old typewriter.
 I will have to find someone who can take care of that ribbon or leave the typewriter for looks.
I sorta liked that it could type out something a few years ago. Has it been THAT long since I wrote upon it?

I think I am hitting the pinnacle of this infection. HOwever, my ears are still hurting but it is only day two of the second anti-biotic. VERY CHILLY here in Idaho today. I ended up in flannel jammies, double by socks, and put on a favorite scarf. And waited. Until the chills stopped.

(yet another wreath! I had to do something with my hands- notice the birch wood slice? Thanks to padre I was able to try to draw on them with a wood burner. Don't recommend it to people with thin, prednisone skin. We need a new door- Or at least Padre should let us paint it! It would look so much better and be fun. But it would be a lot of work. And he's got lots to do as it is. )

I'd told a friend that I loved that point when the Theraflu actually has kicked in, the honey is drizzling down your sore throat and your head, despite wanting to pop, feels that comforted, respite place.
Sure you are wearing outdoor clothing; scarf, knit hat, and your Sorels; but all is well. Right?

Oh, and let's not forget those congested orafices called sinuses in your face. Those are pulsing but at least you aren't in the ER getting fluids, right? Which leaves you plenty of time to read reviews.
Such as some for socks. One lady, whose handle was "sock lover" owned a pair of Smart Wool socks for 7 years, Readers. The name of the sock: Margarita.

(Yes, I added an embellishment I had found that remided me of the clipboards J. and I use for homework. I figured my sister-in-law could take it off or maybe just attach some mistletoe?
Look at my felt rosettes! They required the hot glue gun. And I recall some major pain. Can you believe just wrapping yarn around a wreath would blow veins in my arm and wrist? )

Well, I googled them for her and they still make them.... just not on that site. If I can get 7 years out of a sock- heck, that's worth it to me! But I think after all my research, while bundled up in a lot of winter gear and sitting in my chair, Buck, I am going to buy the ' Darn Tough Vermont. See if it holds up to the reviews.


I have to stay warm.
I think that is why I subconciously have wanted to just work with yarn.

My feet need wicking and I need to wear dumb braces. Not on my teeth but my feet. The wind has pretty much melted the snow down, made it so J. couldn't vacuum my car out, and made it seem dreary. Only dreary cause I was so looking forward to him cleaning out the car!

With the snow that fell on us, it felt festive and fun. Sorta. As festive as one can get when you are unable to participate in festive activities. That is why I had the time to take in a review or two.  I need to have J. read to me shortly. He's been great to have around lately. Well, he's been hiring out his services and that means he is wanting to earn money for something.

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