Monday, June 16, 2014

Warning! Door to Indoor Salespeople

Summertime is when the door to door Salespeople blossom.

Usually I take in stride the vacuum sales persons that jump out of a van toward the neighborhood entrance, or the earnest book sales lady, and the super duper cleaner that does everything but BBQ your steaks.

This year another breed was born. Sitting in the living room the salesperson was talking out on the yard as if he were a family member and we were mid-sentence of a conversation. Before I knew it, he was opening the door because I had engaged- meaning I opened my mouth and uttered something and he took that as a: "Come on In!"

This person wasn't a family member or neighbor- but a complete stranger with a ball cap on.

What the... I got outta my chair and
I literally had to tell him to step back and out of the house.
He said: "Yes, Ma'am."

 I wasn't in the mood and hollered for Padre to listen to the sphill because the whole thing seemed.. odd.

Since there have been some cool breezes we Idahoans like to open the door and just have the screen let in that nice coolness that takes a hot room and makes it enjoyable to sit in.
Now that big black door is LOCKED.
No more comfy casual neighborhood.

 I think the conversation Padre had with the overzealous salesman (who still tried to talk to me through the screen once I had him out, went like this:

Padre: "I'm not interested."

Guy: "You don't know what I am even selling!"

Padre: "I don't care."

And that pretty much sums up the tutorial. Except I just had another reminder from him at breakfast.
I told him I had locked the information in the brain vault and for good measure would blog about it so as to help warn the rest of you.

Good luck! And remember- don't engage!

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