Monday, June 23, 2014

A Thousand White Legs Under the Sea

Whew! Getting a minute to write on here feels like being a runner on base finally getting to slide into home.

For those not into baseball or smaller boys' baseball that can be a long, long time. In fact, I have seen a kid on second base wait so long for the chance to come to run that he has actually started finishing an assignment from school.
Thus suffering amnesia and not realizing school has let out for the year.

Where was I? Oh, glad to be home, writing on my lap top. Which has been acting funny again. It enjoys research and, apparently, it wanders into blogs and articles that are Padre's equivalent to going to bars.

The other day it just went blank, overheated. I got a bit concerned, like any parent. And when it shut off I rebooted it and initiated a scan. Then it asked for something which is like asking for the keys to a parent's refurbished, Chevy Truck.

Since my computer is a teenager, it was bound to take that truck and get in a fender bender. Or on a bender.

5 a.m.

Me: Why is it asking me this question? Oh no. I better ask Padre.

Padre: sleeping.

Me: "Padre my computer went somewhere last night and is trying to sneak back in the house as if nothing happened."

Padre: "What? How often do you scan it?"

Me: "Scan it? You mean the Full scan, or the not so full one?"

Padre: "Ya, know..... First of all, get out of flopbott and see if it is the spywear we put on it. This is the time of day when I don't have to do this sort of thing like I do on my job day in and day out....."

as his voice trailed off.

Me: "It is, it is the computer's licensed and worthy scan."

P: "Well, then my first initial thought is to not do what it is requesting. I think it has a bug again."


I took my computer and gave it a talking to. And stayed on floptbott for a second. Or hours.

And my topic? Something that made me laugh. Ah, yes- white legs.

May and June usually mean the first days that legs come out of their cabins after a long snowstorm in which they experienced cabin fever; they are timid. Or excited. They can't wait to throw on shorts and a pair keds and ride their cruiser.

Owner's fail to put on sunscreen because it's Idaho- surely an overcast will come or some snow and hail and the time in the sun is minimal. Except for that enticing hot summer day when it is super hot and the virgin white legs head out all day with out a thought to the sunscreen that their parent's lathered on greasy white sunblock that made all toe headed children look like albinos.

This blog has been interrupted! It has been caught tramping around and is being sent to TIME OUT!

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