Saturday, June 7, 2014

late library book

Flopbott is back on the blog shelf.

For awhile I needed to read it- by myself. And, like all my checked out library books, I haven't gotten it back to you Readers! Ban libraries if you are sick cause those fees can stack up. Anything above five bucks made me cringe and I had to turn to just buying them or borrowing.

You will have to fine me because I have no excuse. But I can't afford to not write here as it helps my writing as a whole I have noticed.

Update on J.- he concluded another chapter in his elementary history that he will refer to for the rest of his life. Bit solemn as this year he had his favorite teacher.

"He just got it."

is what J. says about him. And so it goes; we have to move onward and

upward. Which is what I guess I am doing at the time; progressing. And I forgot that this was a good outlet for others and myself to do that on the Crohns journey as well as just life.

And the burning in my back right now is keeping me up and turning to my writing here.

Tonight is the Eve of Summer, as J. put it and he tried to milk as much out of a late night as he could with Swimmer's Ear. - A topic that I googled way too much about and learned enough ear anatomy to at least sell hearing aids. Or work as a secretary in an Ear, Nose, & Throat office.

Which gives me a flash back to a surgery done at the U by a really good looking ENT. - Even the married nurses all called him handsome because he was truly movie star good looking. Tall, dark hair, perfect face. Married. whew. Cause you don't want someone that good looking being single while the scope goes up your nose and suddenly nose hair is really disgusting and you feel apologetic for it. (he told me I needed it so not to go and have it lazered off before my surgery.)

Garden update: Padre tilled. For me. I think. Planted only a few things and really gave them some space for weeds to grow in between. Which I am hoping that the small tiller, praying mantis device will work on killing any big weeds.

Some cute yellow/orange and periwinkle colored peonies are amongst some other flowers out front. I will have to rely on the seeds from last year's sunflowers to dot the garden. The lilacs came on around Memorial Day weekend and smelled lovely mixed with the honeysuckle that bloomed at the end of the lilac's season.

J. can grab a hummingbird out of mid air and look it over. Which wigs me out. But he sets it free. Catch and Release motto for hummingbirds here!

The smells were delicious there for awhile.Occassionally cracking the window at night would fill our rooms with enough allergies to make all of our eyes puffy and sinuses inflammed that we couldn't smell the scents anymore.

 Did I mention I can't camp anymore.? Well, I did. And it is painful. So I have decided that I am a Crohns Camper. Which is a camper that camps in a hotel. Or her home.

J., on the other hand, can not wait to get scrappy in the bear and wolf infested wilderness. I'm excited for him. Life is exciting at this stage he is in. He has learned enough skills that he can pretty much handle a back yard campout without waking me up.

Since I am that kind of camper we have had to keep our outings and date nights close to home. Date nights usually consist of looking at sports equipment with J. Which is fine. I wonder, however, if the salespeople wonder what on earth a potato thinks she is doing looking at bats. I wish I could just tell them I like the smell of baseball gloves and take J.'s stats mentally for after game replays.

It is crazy windy whenever they play it seems so I have had to grit my teeth a few times and have resorted to sitting in the car. For some reason baseball is really nostalgic of our nation's history for me. - You can't beat watching a group of boys hanging their hands on the chain linked fences and spitting soggy, uneaten sunflower seeds.

Watching them sit on the bench, their numbers out of order as they wait to bat.... I hope my little leaguers from years past have good memories. Dang, I wish I could coach. I feel such guilt about not getting some young kids whose names are at the Rec. and haven't been "chosen" for a team.

I hope that J. will do that- coach kids that aren't the all stars but need an experience that only a volunteer can give. Maybe that's all that will be able to happen since our economy is like it is?
And by the time J. is in HS, the cost to play will be through the roof.

heck, by then even the NBA will have to fly themselves to games.

I gotta start putting up pics again. That helped me to see the little things in life to be grateful for.
Best Memory in the last month: Bear Lake and reading on our backs in a cemetary filled with the prettiest flowers I've ever seen. (A place called Edward's in Logan, I believe is where a lot of them came from that were around my Grandparent's headstones. AMAZING.)

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