Saturday, March 29, 2014

I Look like GRU

Kids say the darndest things.

And you can bank on it being the truth! J. has had some killer quotes over spring vacation. But this one took the cake.....

J. was riding with me on errands and of course I had to complain about my potato body and toothpick legs and arms (from long term prednisone use.)

In an attempt to make him understand what my poor feet were feeling I went into detail about the complications of a body in such proportions.

Me: "My poor feet have to carry around this!" me empasizing the belly area and pointing out how top heavy it feels and my POOR, POOR feet. Then I gave the toothpick analogy. I happened to be wearing some black Asics that emhasized the point of my tooth pick feet in contrast to my potato center. And now I have no neck. It just blends down into my shoulders.

J: "Kinda like Gru!" he laughed. Then the dust settled on that statementm and we looked at each other in a moment of silence. He was dead on. "Mom, you look like Gru....."  he uttered in astonishment.

I hope they put that on the side effect section of prednisone from now on.

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