Saturday, March 22, 2014

Poop in A Blender = Crohns Cure

Yes. I just said that. Poop in a blender. Actually I typed it. Why? Is it the prednisone making me write such a thing??? HOPE NOT. The reason is this.....

The other day I googled: FECAL TRANSPLANT (not because I felt I was on to something)

after a PA had told me about the emergence of a

 "New Cure"

for Crohns!

You don't go around hearing the word "Cure", or throwing it around if it isn't true, (unless you haven't read all the evidence or medical journals.)   A P.A. threw it in my direction recently. I believe she was trying to give me hope or something as she was squatted down next to my hospital bed while a nurse was trying to put place an IV.

She spoke to me through the bars of the bed as if to say: "Hold out a bit longer! There is hope on the horizon!"

My flushed red face- I could feel the heat off it from the inside out- was turned toward her while tears  unabashadly streamed down my face in front of "them." (ER people like nurses, P.A.s, phlebotomists, CNA's, X-Ray techs, janitors and secretaries.)

Due to the situation, I wasn't up for much talking but I looked at her in all seriousness, listened when she said, "Cure"  and Then she said, 'TRANSPLANT.' 

I paused.

And I wondered: "Which part?" Cause my brain to my toes are affected by this dumb disease. Then she said,' Fecal' and I was back to not paying attention and drowning in my situation.

 I'd heard rumour of it before; putting a healthy person's stool into your gut and then somehow it would make the intestines cleaner and good as new.
Hadn't these people heard of E. Coli break outs?

Several days after the visit, when the blown vein on my IV  arm had started to look like a huge purple birthmark, I googled Fecal Transplant. Oddly, the video I found said: " 7 hours old. "

Apparently, down under, in Austrailia, a doctor is booked- a year and a half out- because his schedule is full doing these transplants.  Come to think of it, most all my specialists are this booked and they aren't transplanting feces. His research and transplanting of human feces into sick people has shown signs of curing the disease.

So, like I mentioned it is a video. Yes, a video. The journalist, wearing a flimsy mask and standing back aways from a white lab coat wearing tech, was standing at a long, clean looking, metal counter.
She was as at ease as if she were in her kitchen and instead of dicing tomatoes, onions, and herbs for home-made salsa, she was  scraping  poop out of a container with a spatula.

In horror I watched and I think I said:
"Please no,"

 when she hit the

 puree button

on the really nice comercial blender.

Two large turds had been put into the see through blender, mixed, stirred, then placed into a very large syringe. On international T.V.

I am not kidding. I chuckled just now but I wasn't when I saw this the first time because
I. was. horrified.

All kinds of thoughts swirled in my head, like,  I wondered who the heck's poop that was and if the pooper was paid much like sperm donors? Was it the doctor's? Whose was it??? The Patient's grandma?

People, I mean, Readers! This is not like the simple way medicine evolved and we found out that the culprit could be the cure..... and immunizations were formed..... this is seeing a doctor squirt blended poo into your intestines!!!

I can't even write about it! Either it is too funny or it is freaking me out. And I don't feel well.
My foot and ankle hurt. Walking on them causes veins to break. And little balled bruises in other places along my legs. Research led me to find out it was not just prednisone but could be Crohns that has a hand in it. Which I can testify of validity because it started to happen in my early twenties when I wasn't or had never been on Prednisone.

Also my right eye is having inflammation, a sign of flaring. Somehow the pupils stay dialated and it floods light into it causing a migraine. Going on four or five days of this. And it just feels like ocular pressure.

I'd tell my doctor but for some reason my insurance is wacked. Is anyone else out there having problemos with this? So they kinda aren't paying attention to me and I don't blame them because they probably aren't getting paid.

Supposedly by April Fool's, things should be straightened out. I wonder if I will make it, or go through laborious phone calls with interim insurance people. Then have re-notify the docs after the interim. It's rather stressful.

My goals have been small. Each time I get up I vow to put one thing away. File or put into a pile some thing.

The wind is blowing here in Idaho now and so it's spring. Spring cleaning from Winter messing.
I made the mistake of starting in the closet. And drawers. Sadly everything is now strewn in the room.
I wanna blame prednisone for that one.

 Why I feel the need to online journal when I sick is beyond me. Somebody please bring me a Jamba.
And not get the blenders confused with the fecal transplants..

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