Saturday, July 27, 2013

Same Turn Out

One of the mysteries I have found from blogging, and not blogging, is that I have the same reader turn out. With the exception of my come back post and then some others. But on the whole, I have the same reader turn out.
So, if I were a library book, I'd still be checked out. Which I guess is the least any author hoped for in their life.
So I am having random mid morning thoughts. First of all there is cuteness. J. 's future employer or wife will love this one....
But he showed me a picture taken with a phone and he put 'Jaden and Amanda' above it.
That is the cutest thing.
Then again it could be a subliminal message to me that he wished he was canoeing down that river and will need my help to do so. And so I better keep with my almost post prednisone regimen.
Which entails tring to get passed the fact you were on prednisone. Whether by denial or trying to rehabilitate your brain and body like those suffering from major brain trauma. Except those of us on prednisone didn't fall down on our brains to mix up the wires, signals, and road ways that are all askewed.
Speaking of askew- that's all I've got this morning.
oh wait- one more thought that is on my mind. Did the Duchess and Prince William practice that baby hand off? Because that wasn't awkward at all. And every time we have a new baby in the family or when I first did, the handoff was almost a fumble.
I think they practiced that over and over  with a dummy baby because she checked out of the hospital so fast, I don't know how they could have practiced it in that amount of time.
He was a screamer though and so maybe they just got used to handing him back and forth to whoever would hold little George.

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