Monday, July 29, 2013

Bike Clip Clarifiication

A few weeks ago J. had a bicycle accident. I wanted to clarify that it WASN'T the new bike clips that were put on that caused the accident.
He looked down and ran into a car. The reason he looked down was to put his foot in a clip.
Looking down and not paying attention is what caused the accident.
Clips are actually really great and an asset to mountain biking. Which makes for more fun.
Not watching where you are going is another story.
Just wanted to clarify because his open wound made the facebook circuit pretty quick before he even had time to tell the Dr. what had happened.
Another interesting thing.... I blogged the other day about Kevin Pearce and his accident. Although he had

a massive brain injury

 doing an Action Sport, he did not begrudge or blame the extreme risk or deter futute athletes from participating in the sport.

He said it brought him a lot of

Anything can happen in life. Yes, you can increase your odds of risk by stepping outside.... but if you are smart and educate yourself on the safety end, you can decrease those odds.
Case in point: my bug bites. I didn't spray myself before stepping into it after Madre had been bit 7 times.
So, really, that is my own fault too. Happy to report that the Apple Cider/Baking Soda paste has brought relief. If took away the redness and spreading of the bite;s venom. No joke! I have had to repeat it, but I have not had any major allergy reactions, thank goodness.
So get on a bike, or strap on a snowboard/wakeboard and use your head.
But, please love your brain and wear a helmet when needed!

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