Saturday, February 25, 2012

Frog and Plant

The green frog is the extent of my Leap Year decorations--

until I inherited this lovely plant!
(dubbed a decoration because it is green... the color of leaping frogs, I guess.)

It was a gift from my neighbor's children after the beautiful funeral of their mother a week ago. Do you remember Mr. and Mrs. Claus from a few posts ago? Mrs. Claus made it through January and passed on the 12th of this month. I think dates are significant for some reason and like the way 2/12/12 rolls off the tongue.

The last few weeks were very special. This whole last year was interesting to "watch" my neighbors' flow of visitors as the cancer continued. I felt a reverence for life when I turned onto Corinne Ave.; it usually caused me to turn the radio down when I leaned into the well worn right turn. It seemed inappropriate to slide up next to the curb and park beneath the pine trees that tower and connect both our yards.

J had some sweet things to say about it as we drove to meet his Dad. At the same time, the funeral procession was headed to the cemetary, near the Tetons. We reflected on where Mrs. Claus was- because as we talked he felt that she was there. But then he thought maybe she was actually with her family, driving through the beautiful sunny day toward her spot.

Then he said something profound that felt true-

"Mom, she's everywhere. She's in the air, the sun. She is with us AND with them at the same time."

It made goose bumps jump up on my arm and felt pretty much true. However it works there in heaven, those loved ones can be in more than one place at one time!! Which is pretty convenient.

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