Thursday, February 23, 2012

"February Sucks"

The Pedicatrician was concurring with J's assesment of my month as I was cringing at how his feelings were wrapped in such a nice word in public.

So while I was squinting my eyes and covering my head like someone had hit a pop-fly, the Dr. went on to explain that, yes, February, is dreaded by all Pediatricians as well.

Don't get thinking that the way J's comment came out, isn't as common as Corn Flakes in conversation, it's just sometimes you think your kid knows when it makes you cringe in certain corners. hmmm.... I need to work on that, I suppose!

My shoulders shrunk. I'd attempted to make this, the shortest of all the months- AmaZiNg!! But on the 15th, when I pulled down the cheesy white and red hearted Christmas-like garland from the window, where it had been taped in the SHAPE of a heart, I was already feeling the full effects of February.

1. I don't have any Leap Year decorations, really.

2. I was getting annoyed with J's unrelenting cough.

When he told me his teacher threw a cough drop at his head (Mrs. C. I sent him to school with a pocket full!! I swear!)I had to laugh. And appreciate others who endure February too.

All those games inside atheletic clubs, HS gyms, and where germs play, mate and have children: at their schools- February is when it all collides with mankind and we have to not only celebrate Presidents, Valentines and eat chocolate with our reality.

Which in Idaho Falls the other day meant 70 mph winds in some places, too fast of snow melt in town and some flooding. Awesome. There were some pretty stoked emergency workers out there the last few days. And I imagine a scouting project could be made of all the mess that was strewn about the yards, parks and city in general.

Thank heaven for comic relief that you have to derive from all the junk, eh!

hmm. what was that, that was so funny?

hmmm. Well, when I can recall the funny parts- I will post them right away! I spent some time just thinking of all sorts of posts lately that I'm sure I will never get on here! But it was fun to write them anyway!

Instead of the funny, I will go for the gratitude. There are simply some certain things that I am so grateful for:

ice water to wet your whistle. a warm bed. a happy, smiley kid. basketball (college right now).
good friends. neighbors. a good book or colorful pictures in a magazine. nice people. a kind act. boy scouts and their leaders. uh-oh, this could go on and on. I will transfer to my journal. Another thing I'm grateful for because it holds all the things that I forget to be thankful for!

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