Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Best of 2/14/12

Well, this year's Valentine's Day was simply a love fest because Skyline won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

J. almost didn't make the game. Before the 7 o' clock game time, I dropped the mom bomb:

"I dunno, Son. Sometimes we have to miss games.. I know you really wanted to go- but I need to stay home and your hacking like Doc Holliday."

"MOM!! This is like the last time they play each other in THEIR lives." he came back with such intensity you'd have thought a life was on the line, our nation's honor and freedom was at risk, or something of serious import.


The Seniors!!

he rattles Senior's names and their jr. teammates that will be as equally effected if the night ends in a loss. He follows this plea with animated description of their new uniforms, and finally, his eyes wide, pupils dialated while making a fist and drawing his hand down in a V; appeals to my practical, alumni mom-ness:

"It is our RIVALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" that begets: Have you lost your mind?

So I make the call to my BHF-- best helping friends. Within moments J has his Fiesta Ole dinner in a brown sack, money in his pocket to buy his ticket and whatever else at the concessions, and butterflies racing in his stomach as he exits the car-leaving me faster than Landon Austin's buzzer beater against Highland.

Within seconds he joins up with his fellow basketball mates in the gym bleachers, no doubt inhales his burrito and nuggets as the hoopla commences.

But lets back up to the moment he raced home from school with his orange Nike box (I could make a whole post about the many uses of this orange box with the swish)

full of Valentines. It was undecorated and still holding some of the Valentine's he should have passed out. Two to be exact. He swears they were "re-peats" but I still feel bad that possibly two kids think he purposely skipped them. Oh, dear.

J commences to pull out all the different Valentines, smiling and reading each one to me. And THIS one totally brightened my day. I looked at the packaged candy, it had a to and from on it. But nothing else signifying anything out of the ordinary. Except that it was from a girl he must be sweet on. Which is a relief because at this age you worry because recess is brutal with the girls chasing the boys. And I shudder to think I was once a boy chasing girl at recess.

However, I never dropped down a grade. So when I hear that a couple grades above J. are chasing him- I get concerned.

So all his Valentine's were Kosher!! Yay!

Back to the game. I turned on every radio in the house to hear the game. Talk about butterflies in the stomache that had nothing to do with a man but everything to do with an orange basketball and a group of kids I barely know but my son knows how to re-enact their every move on his Nerf hoop at home. And after taking stats for them at points, I feel a parental/fan love for them and hope the best every time they get their hands on that ball.

Thankfully, we won. I could barely take the last 4 minutes and debated turning off the radio.

The fan was returned home by the BHF and he came in and hugged me-- his hair was... wet! Do you recall in my previous post how he had promised to sub in if anyone was hurt or fouled out of the game????

I thought this happened. But, no. He assured me that it was the result of serious cheering. Mixed with asthma, I think. I received the game's highlights on his Nerf Net.

I received a hand a centimeter from the face as I tried to brush my teeth when he displayed Dennert's intense defensive coverage. I was speechless!

It took a good 45 minutes for him to play off his excitement on the nerf net, and long bath and re-hashing the game with me before he could settle down and get ready to sleep.

It is very obvious that, for J., flowers and chocolates take a back seat to Basketball.

check out video coverage of the Grizz at

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