Friday, December 10, 2010

Finding Overdue Library Books

Coming across a library book you hadn't seen in awhile can feel a bit like Christams morning.

Going through the books and magazines brought a magical moment when The Cow Who Wouldn't Come Down was found. J ran around telling everyone proudly that we'd had a library book for a good three years. (Librarians, it was NOT that long. He thought he checked it out kindergarten year, which in his mind was that long ago.)

I don't know how proud he was to take it in but apparently he sheepishly told his pal, Raymond, who then told a library aide. He was heralded a hero and given the privilege of all second graders; to check out TWO books. It was a big day for him.

One of the books he brought home was Rocking Horse Christmas, to read to his little cousin who, at two, is already bustin' broncs atop his playhorse. I poured over the pictures painted by Ned Bittinger and smiled as I read about the author, Mary Pope Osborne's, inspiration.

Recalling many times that we hitched lil brother's horse

to our 'covered wagon' and crossed the West facing the elements, starvation and an occassional Indian. Our wagons were stocked with blankets to homestead amongst the basement furniture and rifles to hunt down food.

This morning I read it to J as he ate his sugar, sprinkled with Corn Flakes. Putting it down to shove his foot into a Sorel, I noticed I'd placed it next to the Rocking Horse box decoration I'd put up the other day.

"Oh, look at this." I said picking it up. "This little fella came to listen a story about him." J was surprised that it wandered into the vicinity.

I watched as he left, chuckling about the mutt that followed him home the other day.
Then showed Madre the book and the box.

"Oh, can you believe Kade pulled that from out of the boxes I pulled out to decorate when he was over?"

I could picture him snortin' like one of the few that kick around in the corrals at his house and hear him confirm to us admirers: "Horse." and then whinny to our applause.

Isn't there another one, a bigger, one?" I asked my mom over her Corn Flakes.

"No, that is the big one."

Surprised, I thought it must have looked bigger through the eyes of a child. But then I found the bigger one and mom must be seeing through the eyes of a grandparent.

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