Sunday, December 5, 2010

Coca Cola Advertising Geniuses Shake Up Christmas

The Folks at Coke, Inc. have scored again, at least in our household.

With the economy on the down side, Coca Cola teamed with Santa's magic, and the rock band Train, to help us Scrooges wake up.

With Santa Claus in his shop, tipping and turning water globes, the soft drink's long haul drivers start to deliver the product, a kid working Christmas Eve's night shift makes it home for dinner, and the family dog slides into the house through the doggy door to join in on trimming the tree. Even people with no tickets, manage to be spilled into Train's concert with back stage access.

I did find the hot guy being stood up by a girl to be a bit hard to believe. But Santa delivers him a date to the concert with a girl he bumps into as the globe tips.

After this kind of wonder J asked me:

"Do you think Santa will turn our Globe upside down?"

And would you believe it tipped me to decorate?

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