Thursday, October 7, 2010

Wellington Window Washer

It is fire prevention week.

Perched on top of the homemade stool Padre made so J could reach the sink to wash his hands, I cupped mine and listened to the boy who has out grown the stool, tell me about what we need to do to be prepared in case of a fire. We talked about escape routes.

With a towel wrapped around the water he'd spilled onto Padre's linoelium floor, he air dried; finally put on some camo boxers and we headed down to his room.

Crackling lightning and rumbling thunder poured into his room when I cranked the window open. Explaining how to bust through the screen, shove the items on his dresser off in one sweep then climb up on the head board, dresser and shimmy through the rectangular space, we devised our escape plan.

Lights finally out, we listened to the lighting lullaby.

Come morning I was up before sunris, showered and at the kitchen table reading the WSJ. An ad caught my eye and I blogged something that J deleted. He jumped on my bed and wrestled me into a hug.

After some tension and time alone we made ammends and went upstairs into the sunny kitchen. Despite torrential down pour the sun had busted through the clouds, shining on everything!

I made hockey puck eggs, (poached)toast, pulled some jam from the fridge and we sat down to eat.

The window was dirty.

It's been that way for a bit but on a beautiful, crisp autumn day you can't look out onto the garden, grass and greenery with that business going on.

Not wanting to miss the beautiful view from the kitchen, I ate my toast minus the butter, downed some vitamins and supplements with my milk and hurried to get my black wellington boots on.

I headed out with a bucket of hot water and cleaner with my jammas rolled up.

Setting them down I walked around the house with my cam and checked out how my garden was coming...

Ode to the firemen I screwed the fire hose attachment onto the black hose and blasted the window.

And climbed the ladder, in the safety of my back yard in my pjs.

J ran outside in his swim trunks and did this:

until he was jealous of me and the hose. So he then hosed off the front of the house. Leaving water marks all over the front windows.



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