Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Power of Fear

Edvard Munch's: ' The Scream.'

Despite a beautiful day yesterday, my son willingly sat up to the kitchen table and completed the whole week's homework packet.

He asked if he could practice writing his spelling words with his yummy cinnamon smelling pencil.

Suspicious, I eyed him, "Is this about the mountain lion?"

"No!" he acted casually. I just want to get my homework done!"

Yeh, right. I have to drag him in at night like a beast dragging its kill in after the hunt. kidding.

I am actually kind, like this:

I looked at his work. His penmanship was perfect. Exploiting the situation, I handed him his journal and milked more learning from him before I reassured that it was okay to go out.

Still, he waited for Papa's early return to go out and rake leaves, and help as the men mowed the lawn. He was wondering what Padre would do if it showed up. He was only armed with a rake...

Fear is a Powerful motivating factor. I feel somewhat guilty for using it to my benefit to get homework done. But now I know my child can diligently sit for a couple hours, with some chocolate milk and sandwich to fuel his growing body, and pound out amazing results. (insert evil laugh here)

Aunts and Uncles invited over for dinner were unmerciful with their teasing. One Aunt had brought him sea shells from the coast.

Because they were fresh out of the ocean, he had to clean them outside under the hose Sunday night and hang them to dry on the clothes line.

They were powerfully saturated with the smell of the sea. Uncle Dan pointed out that it was the perfect way to lure in the Lion and it was no doubt hovering in one of the trees waiting for its prey to exit the house.

"Mom! I'm prey!" he exclaimed. "You better pray!!" the mocking continued. (you have to have a tough shell in this bunch)

This little Mountain of a Lion is coinciding with all the Halloween decorations in neighboring yards. So I do feel a bit bad for his having to walk passed Bradley's house, so I drove him to school today. They better catch that animal-

But tomorrow he has to face the lions, skeletons crawling from under the ground and the Grim Reaper on his own. (Gas prices are sky high!) And today, I have to go out and check the shells for smell and take the burlap potato sack blanket off the pumpkins and tomatoes! AAAHHH! (Edvard Munch anxiety felt here, too.)

However, we do pride ourselves on our athletic prowess, work ethic and sense of humor (sarcasm and shaming in some parts, but nevertheless are powerful motivators.) here in Eastern Idaho. I am happy to pass on our secrets!

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