Monday, October 11, 2010

RUST: waiting to happen

With Summer over now, I decided to weed the garden the other day. Stomach flu inhibited me from being able to take care of the weeds I'd pulled and hence,

this cicumstance and the text from Padre: "We are gearing up for more rust in the wheelbarrow...." the considerate command: Empty the Wheelbarrow.

So I did,

After a bout with violent spastic gastroenteritis (the common stomach flu's formal name)in which I actually escaped death, today I was able to put make-up on and do my hair. When only a day or so before, on the verym same bathroom floor, I'd gratefully laid my head and enjoyed the coolness on my throbbing temple and begged the heavens for mercy. Made a mental will and kissed good-bye all dreams of living out my dreams.

stow-away leaves.

But then a miracle happened and I found myself sanitizing that same bathroom floor, appalled I didn't do that before I laid down on it, disinfecting everything else and washing laundry on HOT.

After consumming real food, squirrel-like nibbles of toast and a peach, I followed Padre's plea and Cleaned up my mess in the backyard.

I rounded up the buckets used as toad stools to hold the tomoatoes-- having to kick out this poor sleeping slug.

And made a mental note of this summer. Here are the 2010 highlights....

It all began last spring when someone pruned the beautiful plant we had growing on the north fence. Years to come to fruition this plant climbed from its humble beginings entwined through the chain links and creeping weeds right up into the neigbors pines.

Padre's scream when I showed him the shucked stalk of root commenced the season.

It DID grow back and it is much better now. A few years will help, but it looks fine... right?

The next was my awaiting the advent of lovely flowers to bloom around the garden. I like to outline it so it's high lighted, showing off the lovliness as you look from the picture window at meal time and reflect on all the things that happened that made your garden grow the way it did. In which case, your flowers underline in bright yellow highlighter saying: "See, this garden needs some mastering!"

Tonsillectomy is the perfect excuse for not doing so.

So the cabbages that were to be great, especially during the fall time when the pink rubbery leaves turned darker, was something I was looking forward to.

This is what happens when you don't tend to your plants. it turned into a Victorian-ish hair muse. But I think it gives character to the garden.

The next highlight was watching the stool I use to weed upon sink into the ground like some boring movie in science class showing natural disasters like cars falling into sink holes, my stool was getting eaten up by the dirt.

Padre saved it and these Romas took my seat....

The next was the hilarious few stalks of corn. I plan on helping as much as possible. Like maybe wrapping a scarf around their necks for a few days.

I thought about the love story I wrote this summer and some other things that I imagine will crop up on the blog some time soon!

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